Will a Website Income Allow YOU to Live in Thailand?


I’m Brett, and I’m interested in making money from websites, and all things Asian! Especially Asian women!

Many guys dream of giving up their lives in the USA, Canada, England or wherever, and living in Thailand full time.

If you’re of retirement age and you have a half decent pension then this is a pretty good possibility. All I’ll remind you of is that beware of currency exchange rates. A few years back loads of Brits decided to move to the sunnier climate of Southern Spain. Sadly for those who bought properties there, the weakness of Sterling against the Euro caused financial heart ache for many of these retirees.

But if you’re years from retirement, or your pension pot is pretty average, then you’ll need to figure out a way to make money in Thailand.

Thailand is Not Awash With Cash!

The first thing to remember is that money’s hard to come by in Thailand. If the place was awash with cash then there wouldn’t be nearly so many mail order brides looking for Western husbands. And if jobs were plentiful in Thailand, then half the male population of Western Europe would move there permanently.

And don’t rely on the Thai government to help you out! Social security is very limited in South East Asia, and expats rarely qualify for any help at all.

So if you want to live in the Land of Smiles then you need to be able to make your own money.

Build Website… Then Retire

OK, I’ll let you into a secret.

Here’s the plan that will allow you to live in Thailand:

  • Build website
  • Find way to monetise website
  • ???
  • Retire!

If only it were that simple!

I’ve been building websites since 1995. I started my first serious money making website in 2002. Most people are pretty secretive about sharing the URL’s of their successful money making websites.
But I’ll be open with mine, since it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to compete with me in the area of business software:

I did reasonably well with this website from selling my own computer software to other businesses. At its peak it was making over $1000 a month. Experienced Internet Marketing gurus will tell you that selling your own products is often the best way to make money online.

But even with half a dozen products retailing for $49.95 or more, I only just about made enough for a simple life in Thailand. If I had needed some money for a medical emergency, or I needed to fly back to the UK on a regular basis then I wouldn’t really have had enough money for that.

Blogging for a Living

I know blogging and writing eBooks are two other popular ways of making money online. Yeah, it’s totally possible to turn yadda, yadda yadda into $$$$. But it’s hard to make money without knowing a lot about search engine optimisation (SEO) and of course you need to write constantly in order to produce enough content that people will love to read.

Much of the Internet is now saturated as well. Don’t think you can make a living from blogging about your life in Thailand. Stickman has pretty much raise the bar for anyone attempting to enter this business. His site is excellent, and it has taken years of work to get it to that level.

Many people like to blog about the seedier side of life in Thailand. Again, this market is pretty much saturated. I looked on Amazon for some eBooks I could have added to this site. I found at least a dozen eBooks relating to Thailand’s Nightlife scene, so again this niche seemed pretty saturated. And many of the books were selling for less than $3, so it’s hard to see how you could get rich from writing yet another Thailand travel or bar girls guide.

Buying Websites

Building websites and blogging is hard work. So why not just buy a website from somebody else?

Well this is exactly what I’ve tried:

To be honest, three weeks into my experiment and it’s not looking promising. I paid nearly $1000 for a website, but as of yet nothing’s been delivered. I have a feeling I might as well have thrown my money down the toilet!

You can also buy websites on a site like Flippa. But to be honest 80% of what’s for sale on that site is junk. And anything decent goes for 30-40 times monthly earnings. That’s a lot of money, and it’s usually more than somebody would pay for a real bricks and mortar business like a restaurant or store.

So can your website income allow you to live in Thailand? I guess it is possible. However, you’ll really need to have a website that provides a valuable product or service. And these sites take time, effort, and originality to establish.

Anyway, if you have any comments or suggestions then leave your feedback below. I’d sure as hell love to know the secret of being able to live the dream lifestyle in the Land of Smiles! So tell me how it’s possible!!!

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3 Responses to “Will a Website Income Allow YOU to Live in Thailand?”

  1. I know more than 100 people living in Thailand making money from websites they have created, it’s possible, but you have to have real world experience before even considering doing this full time.

  2. When you first arrive in Thailand, it’s easy to get carried away with bar girls and the night life. That’s a good way to burn through your life savings in no time at all.

    • Ha ha ha, so true, so true.

      When I first got to Thailand I stayed in a hotel just down from Bangkok’s notorious Nana Plaza.

      Girls everywhere, and I can see how it’s so easy to get carried away…

      On the other hand, I’ve now been here 3 weeks and only had one date through Thai Love Links. If you’re coming here short time, then head for a bar – online dating is a big waste of time!

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