Your First Relationship After Divorce

Divorce sucks, but sooner or later you’ll feel like climbing on that relationship wagon again.

Even after divorce, why do we men put ourselves through the pain of relationships? I guess there’s only one reason – we love women. We worship them, we desire them. Even though they can hurt us, we just can’t resist them.

Anyway, this is a website about Thai women, so let’s ask the question…

After a divorce, is it a good idea to look for an Asian wife or girlfriend? Is there life after divorce for men?

I’ve dated a number of Asian women now, most from China, but also some women from Japan. Asian ladies are indeed lovely, but Asian dating can be a minefield for the unwary man.

The best advice I can offer is:

  • Take things slowly after a divorce. Enjoy your single life again, and don’t rush into a relationship.
  • Have a think about what type of woman you want to meet.

Both of these are pretty general points. As far as Asian women go, well there’s two pieces of good news I can offer:

  1. The quality of Asian woman available for marriage to a guy like you is very high indeed.
  2. Asian women are online now, looking for YOU!

Is it Worthwhile to “Go Asian”?

Now for the bad news. It is EXPENSIVE to find an Asian wife. It is also HARD WORK. And finally marrying an Asian woman because you’re through with American women is NOT a good reason for marrying a Thai bride. Let me assure you that there are just as many gold diggers, narcissists, control freaks, mentally unstable and fiercely jealous women in Asia as there are in the USA. I know, because I’ve dated a few and chatted to many, many of them on Asian dating websites.

But back to costs. If finding a Thai bride was cheap then why would any American man marry an American woman? I’m sure that Thailand would quickly export its entire female population to the United States.

How Much Does a Thai Bride Cost?

Asian ladies are lovely, but finding a Thai bride takes plenty of time and effort. Is it worth it? Of course!

Asian ladies are lovely, but finding a Thai bride takes plenty of time and effort. Is it worth it? Of course!

Really it’s an open ended question. It largely depends on how choosy you are about your future bride and how much of a perfect match you want her to be. But in reality it will cost between $3000 and $10,000 to find a Thai bride. On top of that you’ll have to support her, and bear in mind if she doesn’t speak much English then she might not be able to work in your country. And her family will be expecting some kind of on going financial support.

Most of the cost of finding a Thai bride is taken up with airfares. It’s not cheap to fly to Thailand. And if you’re choosy about your bride, or you just don’t have the beginners luck of meeting your dream lady on your first trip to Thailand, then you might have to make many trips to Bangkok in your search for The One.

Speaking from my own experience, I’ve made 2 trips to Japan and 4 trips to China to meet Asian women. And I’m still not engaged or married. Sometimes you find love quickly, sometimes it takes a while. But all I can say is don’t marry the first Thai girl you meet. As I get more knowledgeable about Asian women, the quality of potential future wife I’ve met has only gone up.

For divorced guys with an ex-wife to support and possibly children as well, looking for a new wife from Thailand can strain finances to the limit. So you’ll need to do the math and ensure that you can afford the Asian option. Most divorces between Western men and Asian women occur because of money – i.e. lack of it.

So if you don’t have the resources to support your ex and your new wife, then your life could get tricky in the extreme.

Dating After Divorce

I really enjoy dating and meeting new women. Asian women do have many traits and characteristics that make them hard to understand at times. And of course there’s the language barrier. However, as a divorced guy you’ll be adept at understanding body language and knowing if she’s really interested in you.

Take time to explore Asia and you'll start to really understand how Asian women think

Take time to explore Asia and you'll start to really understand how Asian women think

Thai ladies are often quite shy. But if she starts touching you or feeding you then that’s a good sign! If she takes you to meet her parents then you’re as good as engaged.

Just be aware that there is huge competition amongst Thai women for the most eligible of foreign bachelors, so if you’re dating after a divorce then you might feel a little trapped. In general Asian women make their minds up about men pretty fast – way faster than Western women.

It’s important that you set the pace in the relationship. If things are moving too fast, then slow the relationship down to a speed your comfortable. And if you don’t think she’s The One, then don’t allow her to introduce you to her parents.

Beyond this, if you need to get away and think then spending a few months in Thailand is highly recommended. Just don’t fall into the trap of falling in love with a Bangkok bar girl – they don’t tend to make good wives.

But one thing you should do is to meet as many different Thai women as possible – and I’m not talking about bar girls. Sign up to a chat site like Thai Love Lines and meet lots of ladies in person. All Asian ladies are different, but after meeting a dozen or so you’ll be able to start identifying the types of woman who are money lookers or just plain lady, and those who would make fabulous loving and devoted brides.

Comments, questions or suggestions about finding love after divorce? Are you a divorced guy who thinks an Asian wife would be awesome? Leave your thoughts below.

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