How to Find Yourself a Cute Ladyboy Girlfriend

Western guys have long held a fascination for Asian women. Thai brides remain immensely popular, although just lately Chinese women are also becoming tremendously popular. Another type of lady that’s increasingly in demand is the ladyboy.

You might not know it, but increasing numbers of guys are choosing ladyboy girlfriends. And not just for short term relationships!

Depending on where you live, it’s often possible to enter into a civil partnership, or even a marriage with your cute ladyboy girlfriend. Some countries are more strict on this than others, but being able to wed a ladyboy is one of the better things to come out of the human rights movements!

And don’t worry if you live in a less progressive country – just move to somewhere that’s less restrictive! Living in Thailand isn’t too difficult if you’re retired, have savings or a business that you can do remotely over the Internet.

Finding Ladyboy Girlfriends

Once in Thailand it’s not exactly hard to find ladyboys. Some of them are so gorgeous that it’s hard to tell if they’re women or transsexuals. I mean, look at the cuties on this page (click on their photos to see which sites you can find more photos of them). So here’s a useful guide to telling if she’s really a he!

If you’re not in Thailand then the Internet is just as good a place for finding ladyboys.

I tend to stay away from any contacts site that mentions flirting or video feeds. Sometimes these sites charge a dollar a minute for a video session, and that’s a great way to empty your bank account.
Conventional dating sites are a better way to meet ladyboys. Some sites with ladyboys include:

These sites are all legitimate dating sites and they’re either free (DateInAsia, Asian Love Connections) or have reasonable monthly subscription fees (all the rest).

One drawback to all of these sites (except for the “Kisses” sites and Asian Love Connections) is that they make it kind of hard to search for ladyboys. So hats off to the Kisses group of sites for allowing you to search for either men, women and shemales!

Ladyboy Dating’s Best Kept Secret!

If you like your ladyboys cute, then the Philippines is where you should be heading to...

If you like your ladyboys cute, then the Philippines is where you should be heading to…

I’ll let you into a secret. When asked about ladyboys, most guys think of Thailand. I guess this is fair enough. The ladyboys of Thailand are well known, and are a major tourist attraction in themselves. In fact there’s even a touring company of ladyboys who put on a show for curious folk all over the world.

Yet Thailand might not actually be the best place to find a ladyboy girlfriend! If you like cute and attractive transsexuals then the Philippines might be a better place to look!

So why is the Philippines recommended? Here are some factors:

  • Choice! There are 921 Thai ladyboys on the Ladyboy Kisses dating site. But there are 8970 Filipino ladyboys! That’s a whopping 973% more.
  • Cost! The Philippines is generally a little cheaper than Thailand. I looked for Thailand flights and hotels the other day and I was surprised how much they cost when booked from the UK. It was more expensive for me to go to Thailand than it was to Southern China (which also has many more hot women than Thailand ever has!)
  • Finally, the word on the street is that Philippines entertainment districts of Cebu and Angeles City are far more fun these days than the over commercialised districts of Thailand’s Bangkok and Pattaya.

Learn About Ladyboys

There's something about ladyboys that so many guys find irresistible...

There’s something about ladyboys that so many guys find irresistible…

If you’re interested in getting a ladyboy girlfriend, then it’s essential that you gain a complete understanding of the ladyboy mind. Here’s a decent guide to dating ladyboys:

This eBook isn’t free, but don’t let that put you off. I wasted two trips to Asia to meet Asian women, and I didn’t get much action so to speak. Then I bought some guides to dating Japanese and Chinese women, and what do you know? I got some decent success on my next trip!

So if you like ladyboys (and many men do, despite not admitting it) then book a trip to Thailand or the Philippines and go fulfil your wildest dreams. Who cares what your friends and family think! My own friends and family think I’m nuts to date Chinese women. But who cares when I’ve been able to date girls with bodies that are absolutely nothing short of spectacular!

Good luck with your ladyboy dating experience. And if you have anything to say about ladyboys (anonymously if you wish) then leave your comments below.

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  1. As Filipina I definitely appreciate you commending about filipino ladyboy to all the readers Ive got a litle comparison for you about the difference between ladyboys in Thailand and Philippines an easy way to understanf about its differences

  2. ^_^ Another ladyboy dating site worth a look is AsianLoveConnections. This one’s completely free!

  3. Honestly I’ve never done a ladyboy before but after reading this i’m actually concidering diping my toe into the scene.

  4. i want meet Asian ladyboy in Cambodia,if somebody know,can send me email,

  5. I’d add to that list.

    • Yes ThaiFriendly is legit. In all my time living in Bangkok I never met anyone through that site (or DateInAsia for that matter). Stick to Thai Cupid or the new mobile dating apps.

  6. Just be car full about dating website. Many ladyboy are freelance who try to get customer. For my side I meet my girlfriend on Thaifirendly.

    However, it iso very easy to meet in the normal life. Ladyboy are everywhere and really open mind about meeting Foreigner. Just do it.

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