10 Top Tips For Avoiding Romance Scammers On Dating Sites

Online dating is a fantastic way of meeting Asian ladies online. Through Asian dating sites I’ve chatted to some great ladies, and the ones I have met in person have each been exceptional in their own particular way.

Sadly, online dating has a bad reputation, with romance scammers being a particular problem. So don’t let a romance scam spoil your online dating experience. Here are 10 good ways of beating the romance scammers you might encounter on Thai dating sites.

  1. First of all calculate your odds of meeting scammers. I’d say that men in their 50’s and 60’s (or older) are much more likely to be approached by scammers. Why is this? Well first of all older guys are known to have more money than younger guys, simple as that. If you’re white and American or Canadian then you can add a 10 or 20% greater chance of meeting a scammer. American or Canadian men are always assumed to be wealthy, especially if they’re using a Thai dating site and looking for love overseas. Younger guys don’t get bothered nearly so much by scammers. This is often because they’re seen as more ideal marriage material. Yes, Asian ladies will marry much older men, but if they can find a younger husband then they’ll invariably go for him instead.
  2. A lot of romance scammers aren’t actually Thai ladies, or even living in Asia. Unfortunately a lot of romance scams originate from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal or other West African countries. Middle Eastern scammers are also pretty common. So before you fall in love with a Thai girl you meet on a dating site, make sure you find out where she’s living. Hats off to dating sites like Cherry Blossoms for showing you what country a member is using a computer in. It’s not perfect, but it cuts out a lot of the romance scammers. China Love Match takes it one stage further and tells you which city a girl is in – sadly no Thai dating sites I’m aware of tell you this.
  3. Is the girl you’re chatting to really a girl? Don’t rely on photos, even photos of her with friends and family – they could have been stolen from Facebook or Flickr or one of the other photo sharing websites. The surefire way of telling who you’re chatting to is to insist on a webcam session with your chosen girl. Use free chat software such as MSN Messenger, Skype or QQ. And when you do talk to a girl on webcam, look for irregularities, like it being light when it’s night in Thailand, or the girl not appearing to be live. A cool trick I’ve learnt is to ask the girl about something in her room – if she turns round to look then you can be a lot more confident that you’re looking at a live video feed, and not a recording.
  4. Bone up on Thai culture and traditions and you’ll have the upper hand when it comes to spotting romance scammers who aren’t Thai nationals.
  5. Look for warning signs that a girl is chatting to many other men. For me the big red flag here is that she is inconsistent in her stories she tells you. And if you tell her something about you that she remembers in a later conversation then this is a good sign that she’s genuine.
  6. Romance scam carries a scammer database which you might find useful if you think your Thai girl’s a scammer. Upload a photo of her and it will compare the photo to a known database of scammers.
  7. If you think a girl’s a scammer then report her to the site you’re using. Thai Love Links and Thai Love Lines are pretty good at responding to scammer reports. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you’ve been scammed by her, then it’s usually late to get any redress.
  8. Identity theft is another pastime of romance scammers. Be careful about handing out too much information to anyone you meet online. So don’t tell them your address, and certainly keep your bank account details secret.
  9. Be careful about installing any software a girl you’re chatting to asks you to install. Sometimes the software is designed to help with revealing your passwords or other secret information. As somebody who got their online password stolen once by hacking software, I’d recommend that you keep your computer’s antivirus and anti-malware software regularly updated.
  10. Finally ask yourself if the relationship seems too good to be true. If you’re dating a girl who’s way out of your league then you might be heading for a fall. There are some stunning girls on Asian dating sites. However, I have to say that minimizing the age difference and not dating the supermodels is usually the key to a successful scam free relationship with a Thai girl.

So as you can see a few basic steps can do much to stop the threat of romance scammers from ruining your experience of chatting to and dating Thai girls online.

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  2. Yeah, life is hard in Asia. When I visited China there were plenty of people offering to shine my shoes for 2 yuan (about $0.30). That would buy a couple of small fruit, nothing more.

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