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Here’s a look at Viet Single – a very popular Vietnamese singles dating site.

When I first thought about finding an Asian wife I thought my only option was to go to Thailand.

How wrong I was!

There’s a whole host of opportunities out there for single guys interested in Asian women.

One country that is increasingly coming under the radar is Vietnam.

Vietnamese women are very attractive. They’re a lot like Chinese women looks wise, but they tend to have milder personalities and aren’t so driven. Having spent a lot of time in Southern China (which borders Vietnam) I have to say that the women in this part of the World are so hot you wouldn’t believe it!

So to a guy who likes oriental women and who is a little more adventurous, I’d say that Vietnamese women are well worth checking out.

Viet Single Mini-Review

Is there anything more beautiful than an exotic Asian lady? I somehow doubt it...

Is there anything more beautiful than an exotic Asian lady? I somehow doubt it...

My first impression of Viet Single was that wow – this site looks dated!

The copyright message said 2003, and if the truth be known it looks more like an internet dating site circa 1997.

So the site is truly horrible design wise. What’s more the search facility is basic, and there’s not even a photo gallery of search results.

I thought at first that Viet Single was a free Asian dating site like DateInAsia. But no, it turns out you actually have to pay if you want to get the most out of the site. Paying means you can contact the other members, as well as using the advanced search facility (which isn’t particularly advanced).

As far as Viet Single’s costs go, if you want to contact the other members you need to buy credits. At the time of writing it cost $11.99 for requesting 50 members’ email addresses (also their phone numbers if they have one). There’s a discount if you want to buy more email addresses.

These costs are pretty reasonable as far as their competition goes. It’s much cheaper to request an email address on Viet Single than LoveMe or Foreign Ladies.

Alternatives to Viet Single

Vietnam Cupid is a slick and professional Vietnamese dating site. I’m not a member of this site, but I have been a Platinum member of its sister site Chinese Love Links. Vietnam Cupid is essentially the same site as Chinese Love Links – it looks the same and the site has the same features.

Chinese Love Links has some really terrific women on it. Thanks to the fantastic search engine they’re really easy to find as well. The site also has a basic matchmaking feature which will help you sift through the vast numbers of single Asian women on these sites.

Asian Dating is also worth a look – you’ll find a good number of Vietnamese women on this site along with the usual Thai and Filipino women.

DateInAsia has plenty of gorgeous Vietnamese women on it, including this lovely lady I spotted

DateInAsia has plenty of gorgeous Vietnamese women on it, including this lovely lady I spotted

iDateAsia has an increasing number of Vietnamese women as well as Thai women. This site has a useful translator service so that you can send emails to Asian women who don’t understand English.

This type of site is expensive though – you have been warned!

Finally the free Asian dating website DateInAsia has plenty of Vietnamese women on it.¬† I did a search and found around 150 18-30 year old Vietnamese women on this site. What’s more, I estimate that 60% of the women I found were hot or extremely hot. If I ever break up with my current Chinese girlfriend then I feel I really need to look more closely at Vietnamese women!
You can chat to the women for free on DateInAsia, although it can be hard to find genuine women in amongst all the scammers and hookers.

Well I’m not sure what to make of Viet Single. The site is basic, and the broken English-Vietnamese make it a little tricky to understand. But on the other hand, the site is long established, and it’s clear it’s immensely popular amongst the Vietnamese community.

So Viet Single could be worth a look, but if you like more bells and whistles with your online  dating experience then Vietnam Cupid is arguably the better site.

What do you think of Viet Single? Have you had any good experiences with this dating site? Is there a problem with scammers on the site? Leave your comments below.

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