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Looking for a Thai bride? One of the many Thai online dating websites you might come across is Asian Kisses. This site offers Western men the ability to email and chat to Thai girls online.

An important point to make about Asian Kisses is that this review refers to Be sure you use the right domain name. I’ve been confused with dating site URL’s in the past – I found out Asian Euro belonged to the well known Cupid Media dating site operator, but Latin Euro is run by a completely different organization. So if you want Asian Kisses, then make sure you go to Asian Kisses DE!

One consequence of the Asian Kisses site having the .de suffix is that it’s a particularly popular site for German men seeking Asian mail order brides. The site is also popular with men from other European countries including France, Denmark, Spain and Portugal. Don’t worry if you’re not European though – Asian Kisses is available in English and is just as popular with American, Canadian and Australian men seeking Thai brides.

One of the advantages of Asian Kisses is that it’s not just for Thai girls though. If you don’t know if you want a Thai or a Filipino bride then this is a useful site. You’ll find both Thai and Filipina girls on this site.

Special Features of Asian Kisses

As you’d expect from a dating site, you can search for ladies then view their profiles. A nice feature is that ladies can upload many photos of themselves, so you can often get a better idea of what they look like. A good dating tip I’ve learnt is that the more narcissistic the lady, the more photos of herself she tends to upload to a dating site. This isn’t always a bad thing – I’ve also found that ladies who upload more than one photo of themselves are often much more serious about having a relationship. Generally speaking:

  • 1 or 2 photos uploaded – they might not be serious about a relationship.
  • 3 – 10 photos uploaded – these girls are serious about a relationship.
  • 10+ photos uploaded – you might have found a princess here!

Another thing I like about Asian Kisses is that members can specify what they want out of a relationship in term of their life priorities. This is a great way of weeding out ladies who aren’t interested in sex, or who might be a little too interested in clothes shopping.

One possibly unique feature of Asian Kisses is that the search facility allows you to search for men, women and ladyboys. In fact if you’re interested in Thai or Filipino ladyboys then this is a good site to use. It’s a lot less seedy than some of the other ladyboy personals sites available. If you’re exclusively interested in ladyboy dating then there’s also a sister site of Asian Kisses – Ladyboy Kisses.

It’s not all good though. The site is quite basic, and the search facility lacks the sophistication of rival sites (particularly Thai Love Links and For example, there’s no drop down list that allows you to search on city. On Thai Love Links you can drill down to city level in any country in the world.

I’m also not keen on the fact that the men’s gallery is available to anyone without them logging into the site first. There’s always the possibility that someone you know might find your dating profile. That makes me a little uneasy.

I’ve also found that the data quality isn’t always what it should be on the Kisses dating sites. Of course this is always an issue when many of the members aren’t particularly computer literate and English isn’t their first (or sometimes second) language. If you’re interested in a lady then double check what she’s entered in her profile.

Alternatives to Asian Kisses

Asian Kisses makes it easy to meet Asian girls online

Asian Kisses makes it easy to meet Asian girls online

If you’re totally sure you want a Thai bride then there’s a sister site to Asian Kisses called Thai Kisses. And for even more of a choice then there’s another sister site called Ladyboy Kisses. This is a good site for Thai ladyboy dating.

There are quite a number of Asian dating websites where you can meet Thai girls online. If you’re not 100% sure you want a Thai bride then it’s often a good idea to stick to the sites with foreign ladies from many Asian countries. Alternatives to Asian Kisses include and Cherry Blossoms. The Blossoms dating site has perhaps the lowest subscription fees around so it’s worth a look if you’re on a budget.

If you want to save even more money then DateInAsia offers completely free Asian dating. You get what you pay for though. In the case of DateInAsia, the site’s search facilities are very basic. It’s also a hotbed of scammers, hookers and other dishonest ladies – you have been warned! There are plenty of good ladies on the site, but you need to know what to look for.

Three other Thai personals sites worth a particular mention are Thai Love Links, Thai Darling and Thai Love Lines. All of the site are specifically for Thai dating. Thai Love Links is operated by Cupid Media, and is by far the largest Thai dating site around.

If you’re having difficulties communicating with Thai ladies who speak no English, then Thai Matches has a built in translation service that will allow you to communicated with Thai ladies who speak absolutely no English.

In terms of features, Thai Love Links is the best Thai dating site around.

Finally, if you don’t like the idea of online dating sites like Asian Kisses, then how about using a Thai marriage agency?

Have you used the Asian Kisses dating site? Is it good or are there problems with scammers? Leave your comments below.

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